Question about clarisonic???

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  1. ok so i used the brush for about a couple weeks then i had to stop using it, the lady at sephora warned me that i was goin to break out and i did, so now if i stop using it for a little while then i come back to it my question is will i break out again. im thinking no because my skin is already tainted with the brush but i could be wrong, please let me know,
  2. Make sure that you clean the brush head thoroughly after using it.

    You might want to switch to the delicate or sensitive head.

    I use it in the evening.. and not every day as my skin is very sensitive

    I also don't wear alot of makeup so I think you may have to remove makeup

    well and then cleanse
  3. you might have to switch to a sensitive head, but that being said every time i try a new product on my face a break out initially. well, not EVERY TIME, but most times.

    your skin has to adjust to the new way on cleansing and will freak out for a little bit, but then it will calm down. if it DOESNT calm down then you have a problem, but i've been using the clarisonic for about a year now, morning and night, and my skin has NEVER been more clear. And i wear makeup as well, as the brush is also designed to remove makeup much more thoroughly than your hands.

    but that being said you should probably rinse well after each use as well.
  4. When I first used it I kinda oded n used it twice instead of only starting off using it once could that have done the break out instead becuz it makes no sense to break out at all by using this at the absurd price it's placed at
  5. i love my clairsonic, my skin never had to "adjust" to it at all and I adore it, I say you use for a few weeks and see how you feel
  6. Yes, I broke out but it is ok now!!
  7. Love love love the Clarisonic... change the head to the "sensitive" brush. I initially was using it day & night, but changed it to just once in the morning. Make sure you tone and moisturize afterwords (just my opinion). Keep using it.. it works wonders ;).
  8. so now that i am stopping use for a little should i just use it once a day or twice
  9. It's strange that some ladies break out and others don't. I never did. I try to wash my brush head at least once a week with alcohol. I like my Clarisonic okay, but I don't think it was worth the price tag. I don't notice any major differences in my skin.
  10. I thought about getting the brush because I have adult acne (joy!) and thought it would be good for exfoliation. During my last facial the facialist told me it would not be good for acne as it would open up the acne and spread the infection and that I should not use scrubs or brushes. I am more confused than ever now...
  11. Love my clarisonic. My skin has done a 180 - my skin feels so smooth (people have actually commented on this) and pretty much no dry patches unless I do a microdermabrasion. Skin tone is a lot more even and overall my skin just looks and feels healthier. I use the sensitive head in the colder months and the normal brush head in the warmer months. I don't remember if I broke out when I first started using it though - I probably did though since my skin freaks out over everything until it gets used to it.

    If my clarisonic broke tomorrow, I would buy a new one without any second thoughts.
  12. i got mine yesterday! i'm still waiting for it to charge for 24 hrs............3 hrs to go! haha
  13. any advice for me not to break out again or it will only happen once
  14. It may happen again depending on how long it's been since you last used. It's just something you will have to wait out - it shouldn't last for more than a week or two. When you do start using your clarisonic again, just be sure to remove the brush head periodically to clean it and rinse off the gunk that can build up behind it from facial cleansers.
  15. ive used mine a couple times, but it like...hurts when i use it over my it supposed to be like that? its really scratchy and i'm using the sensitive brush head