question about CL flats and Wedges....

  1. Thanks for your ladies' help. I live no where near a major CL retailer so don't have the opportunity to try them on and I can't find the Mrs. Boxe anywhere so I am trying out eBay with a reputable seller.

    Now my question is.... I wear a 7 in flats, but size down to a 6.5 in heels to prevent my foot from slipping. I know that the Mrs. Boxe will run small, so Should I size up to a 7 or 7.5?

  2. I have a pair of Miss Boxe and they are a size 5.5. I'm usually a size 5.
  3. I have these - are they the ones you are looking for? I normally wear a 6.5 or 7 but I took a 37.5 in these:

  4. I dont know if Aus sizes are the same as US sizes so I'll use the Euporean sizes for example, I usually take a 37(aus 6.5) sometimes a 37.5(aus 7) and have the Miss Boxe in a 38 when I first got them they where too tight across the toes but have stretched and are now perfect, Also take into consideration if your feet are wide or narrow as the Miss Boxes are quite narrow IMO.

    If this helps my feet measure 9 1/2" long and the innersole of the miss boxes are 9 7/8".
  5. I have a few pairs of CL and they do vary from size to size. I have a 37.5 in a slingback, 38.5 in a pump, and a 38 in a platform...go figure! I would say in general I am a 38.5 (except for Prada which I always need to go a half size down) Back to topic:

    Can you ask the seller to measure the footbed for you and then compare that measurement to other shoes you may have that are similar?

    Good luck:smile:
  6. Try 7. Flats are usually comfy and wont be cramped.