question about citizens of humanity faye jeans

  1. hello girls, i was wondering if the citizens of humanity faye #003 described as 'Strech low waits full leg' are true to size. i thinking about ordering them in size 24. it would be my first pair of citizens and i'll be ordering them online.
    as a reference, i wear a size 00 in abercrombie jeans. i do fit into size 24 jeans in sevens but have a pair that's 25 because there is some stretch in there.
    any thoughts?
    thanks girls!
  2. I am a size 29, and I find them just a tiny bit too tight. Not too tight to wear, but too tight to be a tad uncomfortable when putting them on in the thigh area. They do stretch if I wear them two times in a row though.
  3. I agree with ringing_phone, they do run small in my opinion. I had a size 24 a couple of years back put them in the dryer (back when I was stupid & didn't know better, they were my first pair) and they were super tight ever since. They won't ever stretch out back to normal so now when I buy my sevens & Citizens, I hang dry them but I do agree, a little snug in the thigh.
  4. thank you ladies!!