Question about Ciao

  1. I've never seen a Ciao or a Ciao Ciao in person and I would like to know if the top flap is hollow and can be filled with things or if it is just a fabric flap.
  2. On the Ciao Ciao theres an inner pocket that kinda fills in the top. Its just a flap by any other means if u open it the things would fall to the bottom, unless its in the inner zipper pocket. The Ciao doesnt have that inner pocket though.. Did that help?
  3. would it look okay to put a water bottle and a wallet in a ciao? I'm thinking about getting a ciao and that's about all I carry.
  4. Both of your answers make sense to me, thanks!;)
  5. I think if you have the straps attached to the rings at top, instead of folded, it would be fine. (see bubblesung's image) A Stellina might also be good for carrying those things. :yes:
  6. I think a water bottle might be a bit bulky for the Ciao. I use with the second set of rings (making it longer 7" x 10") and I can easily fit a denaro wallet, iphone, keys, and other misc purse junk inside.