Question about Christian Louboutin Sizing!

  1. hi,
    i was looking to get 2 pairs of louboutins butttttttt there is not store near me that sells them and i am often between sizes.

    i usually take a size 7-7.5 but normally its a 7.5 in open toe shoes/evening sandals. and if its a closed heel, a 7.

    so i was thinking i would just order in a 7 but now i dont know. in Louis Vuitton and Dior I take a 37.5 (7.5) but i always thought those just ran small.

    in bcbg shoes (i know they are only like $100-$200 a pair but i LOVE them) i take 7.5 or 7...but usually a 7.5

    ahhhhh i just dont know what to order. i dont really wanna have to order both pairs and then send one back.

    any advice/idea??

    thanks ladies, youre the best!:tup:
  2. What styles are you looking at? Louboutin runs very differently to style. I have 2 pairs a full size smaller than usual, 4 pairs half a size larger and the rest in my normal size... :flowers:
  3. the iowa mary janes, patent pump, and then the priva maybe...def the mary janes though
  4. I don't own the Iowa, but I heard they are tts. The Very Prive runs half a size small so go up half a size. :smile:
  5. Try and find the styles on eBay and email the sellers for insole measurements. HTH:smile:
  6. I wear us size 5.5, i got the iowa in size 35, half size down.
  7. The one's I've tried I had to go up a half - one size.