Question about Chocolate Carly please.

  1. Although I'm not new to loving purses, I am new to actually looking at all kinds of bags. I usually see a bag I like in the store or on eBay and buy it. Thank goodness for this sight as now I can verify authenticity.

    Anyway the most I've ever spent on a purse in the past is about $200 and I'm ready to finally buy a more expensive purse that I have fallen in love with.

    The problem is I don't know where to get it. It's the Chocolate Carly in large. I live in NOWHERE Mississippi with no Coach Stores anywhere near me. There is an outlet in Gulfport but that's 4 hours away and they won't have the Carly.

    So my question, where do I get it? It's not on the Coach websight. Is it sold out and I have to watch eBay? Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, is there any reputable Coach dealers online that will do layaway?

    Thanks again!!!!
  2. the only stores that will do layaway are like TJ Maxx and Marshalls .. they sometimes carry some Coach stuff but it's hit or miss.

    For the carly, I'd suggest calling Coach directly (or calling the nearest boutique)
  3. LOL, there is no nearest boutique to me. Well there is a Dillards and a Macys in Memphis but no Coach Store. Can places like Dillards and Macys get them? Oh, and what is the retail price? Is it $425?

    There is no TJ Maxx either, LOL. I seriously live in NOWHERE Mississippi.
  4. You can order the large chocolate legacy cotton carly from the phone number of the coach website. The large large style number is 10795 $428. On phone orders they will charge you shipping. Or Go to the website, click on store locator and search your state for Coach stores. If you call a store they will order it for you and not charge you shipping. Hope this helps. :smile: