Question about chloe' qualities?

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  1. I just notice that one side of my pad bag the Chloe' stamped on my left buckle is upside down :confused1: Am i the only one with this problem? In order for you to read the name you have to turn the bag up side down. Is this how it supposed to be? Please let me know if your is like that too. Thanks
    I can't stand it:cursing: drive me crazy
  2. I think thats how it supposed to be! One is right side up, the other is facing down.
  3. Yup- that is how it should be :yes:
  4. uh huh... my baby paddy is like that!
  5. Anyone have a picture of their bag like this can you please post it for me so i don't:crybaby:any more.
  6. Mine's like it too - panic not, it's supposed to be like that:yes: :love:
  7. It's supposed to be this way, because the buckle is meant to be read like the letter "C". If the "Chloe" engraving was the right side up on both buckles, then one buckle would be back to front. Personally, I think they should both be engraved on the top!
  8. lol - they only do it to confuse us!;) :nuts: