Question about Chloe python

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  1. Hi! I'm a Chloe newbie looking to buy a python silverado Dr. bag on eBay (in store might be impossible and too pricey for me). This would be my first Chloe and first python bag and I was hoping for some advice from you Chloe girls.

    I know one of the big selling points of Chloe is how durable the leather is- would it be a mistake to get a first bag that's 90% not leather? It's just that the python silverado seems so much more up to date than the leather one to me.

    How durable is python? Can it go in the rain? Will it start flaking off? Any advice on colors?

    Thanks sooo much!
  2. I think snakeskin is very durable!!

    But the scales do have the tendancy to "flip" or "lift", but not flake off.

    I have no idea how they handle weather/water since I baby mine :shame: But I have to say, after owning 11 Chloes, the Python Silverado is the only one I kept :yes:
  3. I have two Chloe pythons - the Silverado in a silver metallic and a chain handled Betty in mastic. They are both extremely durable and, to me, incredibly cool. I just love the texture. Some of my scales are lifting - a weird thing to write - LOL! - but I don't care. To me it just makes the texture more pronounced. I guess you do have to watch out for water if you do care about 'lifting' but otherwise they are so fabulous.
  4. Awesome! Thanks sooo much for the help divnanata and hmwe46! hmwe46- that's how I figured out I really wanted one. I thought about all the Chloe bags out there and which one I'd never grow tired of and which one would really stand out as different in my collection and it came down to a python silverado! I'm so glad you still love yours! I definitely want one now. Now I just have to find mine!
  5. Holy cow - when did you SEE that one LYM??? I tried desperately to get it last year and missed out. Instead I found the smaller version at Aloha Rag on sale. But THIS one....Aaaarrgh!
  6. OMG! That bag is gorgeous! I love the hobo style. I think that's the style I want to go for. Thanks so much for posting the link. Even though it's gone, at least I have hope!

    Do you think going with a metallic would leave me looking dated soon? I was leaning towards dark brown or honey-tan python, but am always stunned by pics of the metallic ones!
  7. Div, I didn't :wtf: see it with my own eyes, I just Googled python silverado and it came up. I agree, that is a pretty stunning bag, and a good price too, eek!
  8. I'm with hmwe... I've owned a LOT of chloes, and the ones I would never part with are my python silverados. I have a two-tone tan/whisky, and a chocolate brown doctor's bag.

    I think the python is quite durable, but I do sort of baby mine and never wear them in the rain. I think water is a no-no with python.

    I paid full retail price for my python bags a few years ago, but these days you can find them for a steal on eBay or at consignment shops. I say go for it, especially if you can find a good deal on one. It's a "lifetime bag" for sure.
  9. i love the python but couldnt afford it so i got a metallic silver silverado and i LOVE it! The silver isnt bright and gross its muted and lovely. And so durable!
  10. I have a cognac python and would say the python is pretty durable, except the scales start to turn up after a while...the side I wear near my body is turning more than the other side, probably due to constant rubbing. It's so gorgeous though and worth it! I haven't had any scales fall off, just turning up here and there. Just keep it out of the rain!
  11. I have a couple of python silverados and they seem pretty durable to me. I agree with Twinklette to keep them out of the rain, but otherwise, I use mine constantly, and they are ok. (The scales do start to turn up after a while, but I don't know how much this bothers you).