Question about Chloe patent leather

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  1. Hello :smile:

    I am really loving the look of some of Chloe's patent bags - in particular the patent Betty.

    My concern is about how well the patent leather will wear? I am quite careful with my bags, but I'm also a little clumsy and tend to bump them into things. I'm worried about how the patent will go - does it scratch really easily etc?

    Girls with patent bags - have they stood the test of time?

    TIA :smile::heart:
  2. I have had the patent leather Elvire for about a year now and it has held up amazingly. I have no sign of wear on it at all!
  3. I have several Chloe patent bags, they hold up very well -- still look like new.
  4. Thanks guys! :smile:

    I was kind of hoping, for the sake of my bank balance, that someone would say "Oh they wear terribly, don't get one unless you're ultra-careful!"

    But really I'm glad they wear well :P
  5. I can only confirm that my small black patent betty looks like new, very sturdy quality, I wouldn't worry at all!

    Soory for your bank balance though!