Question about Chloe Paddington's Quality

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  1. I just got a Chloe Paddington Medium in Blanc '07 less than two weeks ago from NM. The purse was ship to me. The neiman marcus tag was unattached and no chloe tag or care card. I haven't really use this purse. I only put some of my stuff and walk around the house. It was so heavy so I decided not to use it. But this morning, I notice that the brown leather lining is peeling and the lock is slightly scratch.

    My questions is, is this normal? Is the lining supposed to crack or peel? Coz, mine have some peel or crack when I bend the handles.. I will post picture when I get home. I really love this purse but the cracked or peeled lining on the handles is bothering me. TIA!
  2. The lining I'm talking about is the brown line/trimming that's line all around the leather part. Here's the pics.. The white spots are the peel or the crack, I'm talking about. Hopefully, someone can help me..

  3. This is totally normal for Chloes. Happens to Bal handles too. I think it's an epoxy that is just painted over the edges of the leather.

    If the bag is new and this bugs you, take it back! $1600 is tooo much to pay for something that you are not happy with.
  4. yes it does happen but in my mind it happens after a time not straight away on a brand new bag - I would get it sent back and if you still love the bag get a replacement one that is brand new - this looks used already.
  5. I agree, send it back.
    1.) if you're not going to use it (perhaps you'd find a different colour more use-able!)
    2.) the peeling is unacceptable for a new bag, especially at that price!!

    Hope it works out!!:heart:
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. Was catching up on my forum reading when I came across this thread... does anyone know how to treat this problem? I just noticed that my Paddy has this issue too and there is no way I can return/exchange this since I bought it a year ago... =( Please help... any advise would be appreciated!!


  8. Unfortunately I think this happens with all leather bags after use :sad: - the sealant that they use to seal the leather edges eventually dries and cracks, especially on areas that are used a lot - like the handles. If you've had your bag for a year, and the sealant is starting to crack or wear a little, I think that's normal use. I have noticed this problem on every leather bag I own, not just the paddington.
  9. Thanks qwerty! I'm wondering about Chloe repair places... will they / can they fix this? Or will Chloe fix this if I ask them to (although I hear it's a nightmare to get them to fix anything)?

    Please chime in if you know... much appreciated!!
  10. Oh, I'd be interested to know if you can get it fixed! I haven't thought about getting it fixed, I'm not sure if Chloe or the store you got it from might be able to help, or you could try your local cobbler? They can work wonders with leather.

    Please do let us know if you manage to get it fixed, I have a few bags I wouldn't mind fixing up, just never thought it was possible until you put the idea in my head! :idea:
  11. Bumping this to see if anyone else has suggestions since I'm desperately trying to figure out what to do... please post if you have any ideas!!
  12. If it arrived to you that in condition and was sold to you as brand new - i'd try to return for another one.... It's not something that can be fixed and will only get worse over time. If it's bothering you now, it always will. I brand new bag should arrive to you as such, there exceptions to be made for things that are second hand or are heavily discounted at sale time or for faulty reasons... If you paid a high price I'd be trying to do something about getting another one, before you've left it too long to complain....

    update us...