Question about Chloe circular hang tag...

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  1. Hi! For those of you who have ordered Chloe bags from NAP, what was on your circular hang tag? Mine is completely blank! Except for the Chloe logo in front, there is nothing else on it. I've read on some posts that it should have quite a bit of info on it, and I was just wondering why mine doesn't have any. :wonderingThe only other things hanging off my bag when I got it was the NAP return tag and a smaller tag with a bar code and some numbers.:confused1: The bag also came with the care card and plastic card with hologram.

    Some info would be appreciated! TIA!!!!!!!!:flowers:
  2. Thats very strange I got a Chloe from NAP on Monday and on the inside it has the materials of the bag in french and English . The colour is listed also and on the back is a barcode with numbers which I would assume are style codes. I suppose you could call NAP it may have been a quality issue where your bag slipped through without the stickers put on the label
  3. Weird. I've never ordered a Chloe from NAP, but the ones I've purchased from the Chloe boutique definitely have a lot of info on them. IIRC, though, it is on a sticker, so maybe this tag just didn't get its sticker? I can look at some of my tags and double check, though.
  4. Eek! Now I'm a bit worried. This doesn't mean that my bag's not authentic, right? :wtf: I love it so much! :-s

    Safa, I would really appreciate if you could check your other tags. This is weirding me out.

    Will email NAP right now, thank you Aprilmay! If it's a quality issue, does that mean that there's something wrong with my bag or that the sticker's just missing?
  5. Not sure what it is but I wouldn't worry about NAP, I think they are first rate. :smile:
  6. The Sally I got from Sloane Street has only one half of the hand tag with the other half containing the details missing. The SA told me her Accounts Department needed to retain that.
  7. Hi guys! I just got an email from NAP:

    Dear ...

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We would like to advise that not all the bags comes with the description of the item and there is no quality problem with the item received as it was inspected before it was shipped out.

    Please let us know if we can assist you further.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

    Well, that's a relief! :sweatdrop: I never doubted its authenticity but I did wonder about the quality check issue. Thanks so much for your input! I love how helpful everyone is here. :smooch: