Question about china town

  1. I just got my first chanel bag. and i love it. My friend told me that in new york there's a place called china town where you can get purses for cheap. I never bought anything fake and i was just going to go to a chanel retail store to get another bag. I just want to know are the bags in china town real or fake? and how can you tell?
  2. they are fake and no need to question. Do some research. :smile:
  3. i would love to do some research but how would i go about doing that. what do i research?
  4. fake, 100% for sure fake.
    Chanel can ONLY be bought in a boutique, not even online. They don't authorize anyone to sell outside a boutique, certainly not on a dirty NYC street.
  5. erm...sorry...but they're pretty much all fake. BTW..does anyone else find it hilarious how some people will come up to u and whisper "coach, gucci, lv, or chanel?"
  6. to search, click on our search tool and enter a few terms, like:
    chanel, fake
    etc. . . .
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  8. thanks now i know
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