Question about Cherry Blossom purse.

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  1. This is my first post and I just wanted to know how much the cherry blossom purse cost when it first came out. I want to buy one but I don't know if I'm getting ripped off on eBay or not. So I just wanted to compare the original price with the new ones on the internet. Thanks.
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    I'm not sure about the prices but I'm sure that someone will be along right away with the answer!
  3. Here are a few useful links
    This one is all the limited addition items with prices arranged by season totally handy you'll find cherry blossom somewhere down the bottom

    and this one is for authenticating an item post pics of the item your interested in and our super authenticators will help you get teh real deal

    Welcome to the forum I hope you have a wonderful time with us
  4. Collection: Cherry Blossom (color combos: brown/pink, red/creme, pink/pink)

    Items Released: Addres book, Bandanas, Belt, Bracelet, Cles/Key Holder, Mirror, Papillon, Porte Monnaie Plat Wallet, Pochette, Porte Tresor International Wallet, Retro, Towel, Umbrella

    Prices: Estimates in USD

    Retro $995
    Papillon $880
    PTI Wallet $460
    Pochette $425
    PMP Wallet $240
    Cles $215
    Mirror 135
    Address Book $150

    **I found that in the Reference Guide... Hope that helps. I have never bought online, but I would imagine that they will be more expensive now (if they are in good condition)
  5. thanks a lot for the help. Never really bought anything online as well. Does anybody know if Limited Edition bags sell for more than their worth on eBay?
  6. Yes, they definitely sell for more than the retail price. I've noticed though that the CB items have come down in price. Just keep your eyes open and post in the authenticity thread here to make sure you're bidding on the real deal.
  7. thanks so much for the info I am trying to find a cherry blossom papillon and this will def put me at easy when looking on eBay

  8. Thanks for posting this info!

    I'm looking for the pink/pink pochette and was wondering as well.
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