question about CHAUMET!

  1. Hi, I saw those wedding bands in a magazine and I absolute love them. They are from Chaumet. Does anyone know if they have a boutique in the US continent? Because I went on their website and I couldn't find any store location in the N. America. any info is much appreciated. thanks!
  2. No, there aren't any store locations in North America, sadly enough, so one has to make do with a trip to the Caribbean or Latin America instead. :P Did you want to try on the rings before buying them?
  3. I'd definitely like to try them on and see them in person. That's so unfortunate they dont have a store in the US continent.
  4. ojo...I like your member name!
  5. If anyone's looking through this old post, Chaumet has 2 stores in the US now.

    Wish they had more. :sad:

    One in New Jersey and the other in Hawaii.
  6. I saw one chaumet in beijing. It is at shin kong shopping mall. :smile: