Question about charms. Where else to buy besides Juicy Couture?

  1. I love the way the charms look, but don't want to spend a lotta dough on them. Are there any cheaper cost ones around? TIA!
  2. Good question Pattygoody! I know we fork out the dough for our bags so it would be nice to save a little on a charm! I would like to know too!
  3. QVC has some charms... not much cheaper but they ARE 14k gold... some are cheaper though. Not sure if they're 3-dimensional like the JC...?

    Do a search for enamel charm and you'll see a bunch come up. Some cute ones! I love the cheeseburger -- all Jimmy Buffet Parrotheads must own one. :P

    ETA: There is a Ladybug and Cherry purse charm from Joan Rivers -- each one is $25. And they are CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What about Coach? I like their cellphone lanyards and dogleash clip charms.