question about chargesend

  1. After you give them your credit card and everything do you get some sort of receipt or something? if so how do you get it?
    I mean what if they charge your credit card but the package gets lost or something , I don't know. :shrugs:
  2. Well from my experience, from ordering by phone (not necesrily charge send) they only send the receipt in the shipment, but i'm sure you could request one to your email maybe?:shrugs:
  3. that's a good idea, thought about it just wasn't sure how these things work. :smile:

    what's the difference between 'ordering by phone' and chargesend? I thought that's the same. :shame:
  4. :yes: It is, but I haven't ordered anything using chargesend so it might work a little differentlyl. Most of the stuff I ordered came from actual mail order companies and stores. Not a company like Macy's where you just call up to get what you want b/c your local store doesn't have it. I thought it may be a little different. :shame:
  5. it is the same.
  6. It is the same, the only difference is that for May's if you have the platinum card and make sure you tell them, you will get free shipping, with Nordstroms by phone with a local store shipping will be more then their website charge of $5, but they can transfer the bag to a Nordstroms near you. Macy's will have a tracking # for you and the outlets will give you one also... hopes this helps