question about chanel wrapping

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  1. hey guys! teell me abt how chanel wrap ur bags up..

    for me, when i got my 2.55 black matte reissue from klcc, the bag was wrapped with the chanel tissue wrapper and then it was put in the dustbag and later in the box..

    when i read some threads and saw some pics of the reveals, the bag was put in the dustbag and then it was wrapped with tissue paper and put in the box. which is what happened with one of my other bags as well

    would be curious to know how ur bags were done up!:smile:
  2. OK, a normal sale goes like this;
    They all bow profusely and make me sit down with a cup of coffee or something, with chocolates!

    Bag is verrrrrrryy slowly wrapped in Chanel tissue, then into the dustbag, then placed in a box. The label is removed from the box (v annoying)

    The box is then tied up with ribbon and a camellia and placed in a Chanel carrier bag - along with any other carriers I happen to be carrying.

    If it's raining, then the carrier is placed in a specially made plastic cover that has a precut hole for the handles and is taped at the bottom.

    For Xmas, however, this was an extra... Picture2.jpg

    Then they carry the bag to the door for me and yet more bowing and thank yous!
  3. Ahhh...the Japanese shopping experience! I love it. They do that to you even when you are just buying a $20 (or GBP...) t-shirt!

  4. ^Very similar to my experience, except I'm in NJ so no bowing :smile: Also, no chocolates and a bottle of water instead of coffee.

    Anyway, my bag was wrapped in tissue, then went into the dustbag and then into the box, with more tissue above and below the bag. Then the white ribbon and flower and into the shopping bag. I've never seen the plastic rain protectors, though; that's pretty cool.

    This is the case only when I bought from the Chanel boutique. It was a little different when I purchased from Neimans (they didn't have Chanel tissue and they gave me a box, but it had the tag from a different bag style on it).
  5. whoops , just re read my post. what happened with my other bags is the same as how it happened to my 2.55.. lol

    anyways, i think y i thought that some bags were put in the dustbag and then wrapped with tissue paper is because they may have had some extra tissue paper on the bottom and top of the bag like how choo-girl's one is like. :smile:
  6. Pretty much! But no coffee & chocs ;)

    I have an antique dealer who gives me little free gifts from time to time and a fine arts dealer who, depending on how much I've spent with him in a year, gift and / or a calender :smile:

    Taking DD along too helps with wee gifts :graucho:
  7. wow. that's very similar to the shopping experience in bangkok. i prefer to buy my chanels in asia then here in the u.s. maybe i should fly to japan for all my future flap purchases. :P
  8. The Chanel at Bloor Street Holt Renfrew just throws everything in a big shopping bag. You're lucky to have a dustbag.

    If you ask very nicely, they will sigh and try and find the proper box, but you have to tell them to do that.

    Even then, they may not be able to find it.

  9. ^^yup, she's right....she took the words right out of my mouth. I would have written nearly the exact same thing. That's why I love shopping at the Vegas boutiques whenever I go there. They can't do enough for you. We get bottles of water, they offer you a seat and there's always several SA's more than willing to help you.
    In Toronto they do their best to ignore you hoping you'll just go away.
  10. It's the same here in Singapore unless you are a regular or do star jumps to catch their attention :roflmfao:
  11. Customer Service in Singapore sucks in general anyways.

  12. When they first opened, Manchester did some classic wrapping jobs until they got the hang of it. There is also a pic somewhere of what they did to my python tote, but I can't find it at the moment. It was much worse than this....yes the dustbag is tied underneath.


    Thankfully things have vastly improved and they now put mine in boxes as they know what i like :P
  13. Holts Chanel doesn't wrap the bags very nicely at all. I barely ever get ribbon and I bought a bag on PSN once and it was thrown into a holts bag not even a chanel one! My SA at the Bloor Chanel always wraps my bags up so lovely. I have even had camellias on my box and bag. :smile: Last time I was given some cute little chanel life preservers. I have been offered water a few times too.
  14. Bag is verrrrrrryy slowly wrapped in Chanel tissue, then into the dustbag, then placed in a box. The label is removed from the box (v annoying)

    why do they remove the label? i too would be annoyed. this is good to know i now know what to expect when i buy my 1st chanel bag. :tender:
  15. Gawd knows! It seems to be a Japanese thing :shrugs:.
    Bags I've bought from the States and the UK have the labels still on.