question about chanel sales..

  1. i know the classics, i.e. the classic flaps, the re-issues and the gst, etc never go on sale, so "seasonal" collections such as rock and chain, or the sombrero and what not, if should they not sell very well, is there a possibility that they could be put on sale? or is it only the really really trendy stuff, like rabbit fur and shearling stuff that're ever subjected to go on sale? tia
  2. do u know if the cambon or cotton club will go on sale??
  3. NM in short hill nj, in june they have a 30% off sale. I scooped up a python cambon messenger bag last year as well as large multi pocket reporter. Usually the "odd" colors will be on sale-which means anything but black will be on sale.
  4. Wow thanks for the info. on NM in short hills. I have to check it out.
  5. thx for the info? so normally when will chanel have sales????
  6. I got the brown with brown patent CC's mini Cambon Reporter on sale at Bergdorf's in January. I do not know why it was on sale. I thinnk I was just lucky??? Maybe Bergdorf's needed to just move it but it was $1000 less than the regular price and was in perfect condition.
  7. Sorry to butt in, but do the pearls ever go on sale? I am dying for a pair.
  8. i am from the NJ area, actually bout 30 mins from shorthills!!! lol... can you please let me know or post a new thread when the next sale comes up... and i just want to know how do they do it? with everything all spread out or do you have to ask the SA?
  9. Yes I'm close to Short hills too. If anyone knows exactly when in June NM has the sale, let us know!

    Since Nordstrom has women and kids sale beginning of June, I wonder if NM has sale then? I vaguely remember going into NM when Nordstrom had their sale last year and NM had a table out with all different bags. I do remember there being one Chanel on the table. It was still expensive but discounted.
  10. i doubt either will go on sale, especially not the cotton club, seeing as it is new for the season. The cambon is supposedly being discontinued, but since they only issued the classic black on black or white CCs on black this (maybe even the black on white?) i am not too sure if they will go on sale. (the classic styles tend to not) but also, these have been selling very well and are difficult to find from what I've heard, so i'm thinking the cambon will not go on sale either.