Question about Chanel prices going up

  1. I remember reading somewhere on here that the prices for Chanel's classic bags actually go up over time - does anyone know when this actually happens? I recently fell in love with their purses, but I probably won't be getting one til Christmas, so I want to know when the prices go up so I can try to save my dear mother money. =)

    and also, would anyone know the price of a certain purse I saw the other day? It's caviar leather, kind of like a tote (it came in black, beige and pink), and there were two sizes of it, a smaller one and a bigger one. I'm interested in the smaller one, and it's not the one LC has on The Hills. Thanks a bunch! This forum is awesome.

    EDIT: I think it's this purse
  2. In general, luxury items from Europe are going up in price over the years. This is due to the fact our US dollar is weaker than the euro dolars.
  3. ^I don't know when or if there's a schedule for price increses. . .

    ^That bag is the Petit Shopping Tote, the larger is the Grand Shopping Tote.
  4. I don't know when prices are going to increase, but eventually they will. I don't know if they will this year because I think there was already an increase this year.
  5. I heard there was going to be an increase, I just can't remember when:shame:
  6. I was told prices go up randomly,
    its not a set time thing as I was told by a SA. I know prices when up for the double flaps..hmm (trying to remember) in Winter/Spring 06 as compare to 05.
  7. i heard the petit shopping has gone up for f/w 06
  8. I'm not even sure when the last increase was but I DO know that it's gone up since I got my Cambon reporter. I had gotten it for $2795 and when I took it in for repairs, my SA put the value of the bag down as $3175. I think they go up randomly maybe once a year?
  9. So, are Chanel bags cheaper in Europe, even in the UK? i was going to come over to buy a bag (really it's just an excuse to come to NYC!!!), but if it's cheaper here then I won't bother. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks everyone for your input, I guess I'll just deal with it if the prices go up, hopefully it's not by a lot! And shopper12, I don't know anything about it, but they might be cheaper in Europe because of the exchange rate? Everyone else here seems to be an expert so they can probably tell you! =)
  11. I was actually wondering about the lining of a chanel purse. It is the quilted on in white with the black logo on one end of the purse. Is the lining pink? I was looking on ebay and found one with the right price, Ijust was unsure of the lining. Please help. The purse comes in black with the white logo as well.
  12. I know it's a little cheaper if you live in the U.S. because you can fill out a VAT form which refunds %19 of the price . After figuring tax is %7 in my state , that means I save %12 .
  13. Depends on the line, some Cambons are pink inside.
    But this isn't the right thread for this question.
    Please get a link to the auction and if you doubts about it's authenticity, post it in the Authenticate This! sticky st the top of this Forum.
  14. The price for that purse

    1095.00 for small one
    and 1650.00 for larger size
  15. I bought last year a "bandoulière Chanel cambon" (see picture).
    The price was 750 euros. Now the price is 790 euros.