Question about Chanel giftbox?


Oct 21, 2006
I'm not sure if I posted in the right section, but here is my question.
My brother bought a Chanel wallet for his gf, and its supposed to be a gift. But the box they put it in was used and dirty with all the stickers falling off. We didnt look at the box until we left the store and we went like 10 minutes before closing, so we couldnt ask them for a new one. Can he go to a (different) Chanel boutique and ask them for a new one? Cause he doesnt want to give his gf the used box. I'm actually going to go for him cause he doesnt have time, but he bought it at the Chanel boutique in Long Island (Manhasset) and I dont drive so I can only go to the one in the city. Thanks.

(And yes I'm new at these things so I dont know if they would do that for me.)