Question about Chanel East/West... gold or silver?

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  1. after long debating a chanel bag purchase, I think I finally decided on an east/west bag.

    do most S/A's know the bag by the name east/west? or do i need to ask for something else, or a specific style number?

    my other dilema is this.... i LOVE the way the bag looks with the gold chain - however, ONLY wear silver jewlery - is this a problem? If im dressed up and wearing silver braccelets, necklaces, etc.. will it clash with the bag since the bag will have gold? this is the only reason that I would consider getting it in silver, but i geel that the silver version does look as 'classy' does that make sense?

    anyone have any advice? also does anyone know the new price for the caviar e/w bag? thanks so much for your help!
  2. personally I prefer silver hardware, I think it looks younger, and all my jewelry are white gold/silver. The price on a caviar e/w is $1395 I believed. I'm lookin for a white one myself.
  3. i just got back from the chanel store in nyc and saw it in person. im now officially obsessed with the east west in black caviar with silver hardware... and the price is now $1750
  4. I think if you only wear silver jewelry, go with the silver hardware. There's a lot of gold hardware on the flaps...too much to just blend in, at least that's my opinion.
  5. i suggest you go with the silver hardware, so you won't clash. i actually prefer the look of the silver, although gold is considered the "classic."
  6. I have silver hardware on mine and I wish it were gold. I prefer gold.
  7. I'd go with gold! but if you wear silver/white gold then get the silver
  8. Are you JOKING??? $1750 for caviar??? I bought mine for $995 in December.
  9. i say silver also since you wear silver jewelry but if you love the gold, get the gold since it doesn't always have to be matchy matchy.
  10. Try getting it at Saks ($1,350) as they seem to be the only dept. store that hasn't caught up with the price hike yet (not till 11/12 or so I hear). Unfortunately $1750 is the new price now at Chanel boutiques/NM/etc. :sad:
  11. i personally prefer silver as well.
    it seems more modern
  12. I'm one who wears silver accessories most of my life and I'm in love with the silver, which is definitely more modern, JMO!!
  13. deffinitely get silver
  14. get silver if you wear silver jewelry!!! but i personally LOVE gold hardware, i have the e/w in black with gh and the white jumbo with silver, i really wished the white was with gh but oh well white with silver is super beautiful!!! if you are set on gold, either don't wear jewelry or too much jewelry when you wear the bag. I know there are also cute jewelry in colors, like crystals, gemstones, etc, that don't have silver or gold so those type of jewelry will go with silver or gold hardware! i can't believe its $1750 now...thats crazy!!! anyway GOOD LUCK and post pictures when you buy it!!! =]
  15. I think that one with the silver hardware is definately going to look better on you if you wear silver accessories, i really like it!
    and i can't believe that its 1750 now! wasnt it like supposed to be only a 200 - 300 price increase? its insane!