question about chanel earrings

  1. I purchased a pair of chanel earrings at Saks in February. They are covered in crystals- and I love them. I took them out to wear the other day and noticed that one of the crystals has fallen out. :sad2: Does anyone have experience with having chanel jewelry fixed or replaced? Will chanel replace the missing crystal?
  2. I've never experienced this, but I would think as a reputable company they would exchange or repair the earrings.
  3. bring it back and Chanel will replace them, as long as you have your receipt.
  4. gosh I would hope they'd replace it! I would try w/the receipt.
  5. Saks will replace them!
  6. 1 year warrantee...totally they will replace or repair them.
  7. That happened to me and they fixed the earsings in the store (ie. glued a new crystal in). They also gave me the option of having the earring shipped to France to be fixed, but I just wanted them back right away so I had it done in the store. Also, I didn't know there was a warranty, good to know.
  8. Update on your earrings? I'm having the same problem, however I received my earrings as a Birthday gift 3 years ago, so I'm **** out of luck I think.