Question about Chanel 'Diamond Stitch' Small Shopper

  1. Hi! Can someone tell me if this bag is a new style? Or was this released last year? Is this still available?


    and this one as well?


    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I saw the first diamond stitch bag at Saks in Greenwich today. I know that bag was out last summer, I dont know when it first came out though..
  3. Diamond stitch totes should still be available -- it came in a small and a larger size. (you can see our reference library for pictures)

    It came in Black, White and Red.
  4. thanks so much for the info! i'll try to look for this bag :smile:
  5. I purchased my DS in August of 06. I think the DS has been released twice.
  6. The Fall Diamond Stitches should be in stores in July.
  7. Do you know what colors will be out? I'm hoping the red will come back.