Question about Chanel Cambon!


Feb 16, 2006
My friend had a Chanel cambon bowling bag which I fell in love with & her mom bought it for her from a reputable seller because they always say they do not believe in fakes. Anyway, my question is are there any cambon bowling bags that are not in the fixed box shape? My friends was very soft & did not stay in the "box shape" that the bag is always pictured in. Hers when filled would be in the box shape but if not it was very soft and would collapse a little. I know this question is very confusing but if anyone knows what I'm talking about I would greatly appriate any input! I just love the bowling but the box shape is just too big on me because I am very petite. Thank you for any help!!:P
yup, if you carry it under your arm, it will cave in/dent a little. the only way to keep it as a box shape is if you fill it up completely. i don't use mine that often and when i don't use it, i stuff it with the original stuffing.