question about Chanel bags and their dustbags

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  1. Do ALL Chanel bags come w/ dust bags?
  2. All my Chanel bags have come with dust bags. But I don't think the wallets do.
  3. Assuming you got it from the boutique, yes. Although sometimes the SA's forget to include one, especially during sales. Call the boutique you got it from and ask them for a dustbag.
  4. Yes, I agree call and ask for your dustbag.

    I love the small ones for jewelry, I always ask my SA for extras when I buy jewelry...can never have enough of them for all my "other" jewelry and stuff.;)
  5. Thank you! i will definitely contact my SA. i think she was too overwhelmed with all of the orders this week. poor gal~

    gosh, this week has been a roller coaster ride...and it's not even over!
  6. Which bag did you get? Or should I say bags? LOL!
  7. no no...
    i just took advantage of the 3k and tried not to go over that one...
    i got the GST black w/ SH & the cute pearl necklace in GH~

    *sigh* i am soooooooooooooooo excited about my 1k gift card...i'm already contemplating what i should spend it on...
    i'll wait until the next egc obcourse~