Question about cerises speedy

  1. Hi! Do all cherry speedys come with the no. "25" stamped under the leather tag that says "Louis Vuitton made in France" at the side of the Speedy? I just realized mine doesn't have one but it is supposed to be authentic. Thanks, guys! :smile:
  2. Mine's at the pointed edge of the tab imprinted really lightly.
  3. Yeah, silly me! :smile: Now that I look really, really closely, there is a no. 25! Whew, now I'm relieved! I bought the bag slightly used so that part was a bit scuffed already that's why I didn't notice right away. Thanks, Lvbabydoll!
  4. No problem! I almost didn't see mine either lol.
  5. Mine does too :smile: Did you get yours authenticated?