Question about Celine serial numbers


Jul 29, 2016
Question for those in the know about how to authenticate a Celine bag.

I recently purchased a new Celine phantom cabas on ebay and ended up sending it back because my gut told me it was fake. It was very well made but the gold logo on the front was uneven/faded and the interior was a lighter color than the ones I've seen in stores. If it was a fake it was a very high-quality one.

So now I've contacted another ebay seller who recently sold one and says s/he can get a new one in for me. I've been looking at their listing of one they sold recently and noticed it has the same serial number as the listing of the bag I thought was fake (which was sold by another seller).

I've read that Celine repeats serial numbers but what are the odds that the two bags I find have the same number. Does anyone know whether identical bags of the same model/color tend to have the same serial number? Or are serial numbers randomly assigned so that most bags have unique numbers? I'm guessing this is too unusual to be a coincidence. Thanks!
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Aug 13, 2016
Interesting, I curious about this as well. Either way get the bag authenticated in person by trusted source and backed by latest technology.(such as Entrupy) that way you are not just taking somebody's word for it. If turns out to be fake you can get ur money back.

Hope that helps