Question about Celine Box Bag

  1. Oh yeah I have those small wrinkles too...the Bick 4 helped somewhat. I massaged in the Bick 4 a few times - massage, buff, rest, and repeat. It looks less wrinkly but not perfect. Perhaps Blackrock/Obenauf treatment would be better? If I ever get the products and do that treatment, I'll post my results!
  2. sorry to bump this thread up. but actually feels thankful to be reading this thread, because i was thinking of getting the box for travelling purpose. seeing that it's actually quite vulnerable, and possiblity of softening in the future, i am having 2nd thoughts about it.

    it's 2400euros and its alot more than the luggage. the luggage in the biggest size is only 1700euros, at 700euros more, this bag has to be extremely well-deserved, scratch-free, and long-lasting. but it seem not.
  3. I have a medium box and a mini luggage in pebble leather. I baby my box bag, but not so much my luggage. However, I still use my box on weekends, I can use cross body and over the shoulder, it's great if you need to be hands free, but you can't put a lot of stuff in it, imo. I can fit myLV zippy wallet, slim sunglasses without a case, keys, iphone, and one gloss. I also find opening and closing the clasp is not very easy. and if you leave it open, everything just falls out. Comparing to my other bags for traveling, this bag gets a 6, my ultimate travel bag is LV Mahina xs.
  4. Hi, I just bought a red medium from Milan. All the 3 pieces in store had marks on them. I was prepared that the bag will have marks.

    How do I get rid of these marks?

    Can i bring it to a local Celine to get it off? Do I need to treat the bag before using it?

    I love my Chanel caviar - do not require much care :smile:
  5. Congrats on your box! If you read through this thread, you see that the box is prone to marks/scratches. I, and many others, have rubbed the leather with a conditioner to lessen the appearance of the scratches.

    Sadly, the box leather is not Chanel's caviar, but it is lovely in its own right :smile:

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks! :biggrin: