Question about Celine belt bag

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm considering purchasing my first Celine, and I would LOVE the belt bag -- I looked at the colors available for fall 2016, and I'm not SUPER excited about them. I would prefer something in a darker neutral with grained calfskin.

    My QUESTION is whether Celine carries "standard" colors that are available year-wide. For example, if they typically stock black, navy, etc. OR, does the website truly show the full extent of what's available at a given time.

    I'm a carryover from Chanel and wondered if Celine works similarly - certain "classics" are available year-round.

  2. There are certain colors that are available throughout the year. From what I know black, light taupe and some more are their classic colors.

  3. I too am new to Celine and am a carry over from Chanel. I asked an SA the same question yesterday. The SA said that there are some classic colors like black and dune however, they can't guarantee that a certain bag will be made in s classic color that season. It appeared that it isn't quite like Chanel in the standardization of colors and bags.
    I too am in love with a belt bag and asked the question because I wasn't sure whether to wait or buy a bag in this current season
  4. Totally!! I really like the gray grained calfskin one -- and, like I said before, am not super excited about the fall options. I'd also consider black and would WAIT, but if there's not a guarantee of availability, I'm a little on the fence on waiting ... I'll keep you posted. Going to NM and Barney's today to check stock!

  5. I got my grey one from Barneys last month. They should have it in stock. Just wanted to let you know the color looks quite different from Celine's stock photo though.

  6. I do know the Barneys in Chicago is having a 10% sale for charity today (one day only):biggrin:
  7. Thank you, ladies!!! I like the gray in BOTH photos, so I should be safe, LOL. And, I called Barney's to check stock and they mentioned the charity event! So crazy -- thank you for your thoughtful post!!!
  8. OMG... must call and buy.

  9. Feel free to pm me if you want my SA info
  10. Update, everyone! I bought the gray at Barney's in Chicago yesterday!! It's (technically) a birthday present which isn't until ... August, LOL, but I might open it early and do a little reveal. I LOVE IT.

    I went today to pick it up -- it had been on hold for someone else yesterday and that person didn't come get it; thus, I was rung up last night to take the benefit of the 10% off. ANYWAY, today - they had a gorgeous sand color and a navy in the grained calf.
  11. Can't wait to see mod photos! I got the dune colored from Barney's however it hasn't arrived.
  12. AMAZING! You have to post photos!!

  13. Vaninnocent, we did well didn't we! With the discount, the great service and a new bag!!
    Love to see your bag (I heard it's sold out in the grey so good for you for grabbing one as I believe it's a seasonal color)

    I'll post pics as soon as it arrives 🤗
  14. That's crazy re: the sellout -- so glad that I was able to find the grey!

    YES very much looking forward to your pictures. I'll try to sneak some pre-birthday and get them up on the forum :smile: