Question about CDC cuff

  1. Hi, I am newbie for Hermes. I looked through the hermes in action thread and am in love with CDC cuff. Is it still available at store that I can purchase? What is the price range of it?

    thanks a lot!:heart:
  2. Chloe_concord, they are available in limited supply at the boutiques.

    The chamonix with palladium is $960 plus tax.
    I am not sure of the price for exotics.
  3. Thanks! I am in kind of dilemma now. I am 26 weeks pregnant, my MIL took my DD to my SIL place for vacation in 2 weeks, so DH suggested maybe we should go vegas. I do want to go to check the vegas hermes boutique since Sf has nothing I am interested now. BUT I don't know whether it is a good idea to go vegas since I am almost 7 month pregnant.Hmm.....

    Thanks for the info, I really love how CDC cuff look on your guys!:heart:
  4. I believe the alligator is $1300 or $1350. It's 950 euro, but with the exchange rate, there isn't much difference. They're hard to find now. The stores keep saying they expect new shipments, but when you try to pin them down, they say deliveries could be in 3 days or 3 months.
  5. Vegas H had a fuschia suede CDC when I was there in July, and was still there when another tPFer was there last month. They also had one in orange leather but not sure of its availability. Price for the suede one was about $890. It looked very cool!
  6. These are great - hope you get one!
  7. The H in Honolulu Waikiki had several a couple of weeks ago. Give them a call to see if they still have them.
  8. Chloe - as a newbie (and also in my personal opinion) I wouldn't go for the suede CDC's - they don't hold up terribly well, and can't be cleaned effectively.

    GOOD LUCK! These are SO Hermes, you'll never stop at one!
  9. Yep, you can try a white eraser. The type that doesn't leave a residue.
  10. ^ doesn't work. My SA doesn't even buy them in for the store for this reason.
  11. When I was at the Madison store in May they had at least three CDCs. One brown-ish alligator, one brown leather and one orange or potiron leather. I realize that was several months ago but if they had three then, then perhaps they have some now, as well.
  12. I agree, anything suede is really hard to maintain. That's why I didn't get the fuschia suede CDC, even though I really really loved it!
  13. Duh... I wasn't there in May ... it was mid-August. Where was my head!!!

    Anyway, it wasn't as long ago as I thought so maybe they're getting them on a regular basis ? Oh, and besides the three that were on display, they had more in the drawer.