Question about Caviar

  1. :confused1: Does Caviar suspose to feel rough a little like rubber mix with leather?? I try to feel the difference between Carviar leather and Chloe Paddington leather. They are both made with calfskin but the leather on Chloe feel better than Caviar.

    Is Caviar suspose to feel like this so that why they are easy to take care compare to lambskin?:confused1:
  2. Hmmm doesnt feel rubbery to me at all. Just a bumpy leather. Not as soft a lamb for sure.
  3. ^ITA, just feels like textured leather to me too.
  4. Caviar is definitely a unique look and feel. It won't win a beauty contest if it's up against lambskin, but it's sort of what I call set it and forget it. In other words, low maintenance, durable -- a daily driver, so to speak.)
  5. yea....but do u guys think ..that the Caviar leather had some rubber layer on it?
  6. No I am sure there is no rubber at all. Its a textured leather..thats all.
  7. I'm sure the Caviar is all leather, but I know what you mean about the somewhat rubbery feeling it has.
  8. Caviar is all calf skin. It's a more durable and functional leather line from Chanel apart from its traditional lambskin quilted leather.

    Between Chloe and Chanel. I would go for Chanel. Chloe's more fashion than style. Chloe's more rugged looking, if that's want you want. Besides, I had a paddington once, it was so heavy (even without anything in it). I hated myself everytime I wore it! I ended up selling it on eBay at a huge discount just to unload it!
  9. I currently have a Paddington..its heavy but I would never let go any of my bag. I only use paddington when I feel I needed it but most of the time its sitting in my closet watching me.:p
  10. The reason I ask the question is I bought a classic flap in chanel today and when I was organizing my bags I just realize how different calfskin can be. But I still love Chanel Cavier:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: