question about cassis pom pon

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  1. I'm new to Balenciaga and considering getting the pom pon in the cassis color. I'm wondering if it will get color transfer wearing it crossbody?? I'm not sure how delicate and prone to color transfer Balenciaga leather is. thanks :smile:
  2. I have never had a bad experience with color transfer. You may only need to watch out if you have a white or light color bag and dark unwashed new jeans or top that's not safe next to light color leather.

    I have seen some color come off on my cloth used when I clean the bag itself or apply moisturizer/conditioner.

    So test your bag next to something you feel is light colored, an old white t or something. It should be fine.

    Anyone else have bad experiences that could give examples?? Or warnings?
  3. Just don't wear with medium to dark denim (even if they are old and worn).