Question about Carly!

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    Just wondering what the chances of finding a large Carly are? I know its an older style, but just wondering if they ever show up at outlets, or if anyone knew where to buy one online somewhere!

  2. I see them quite often on ebay. You might also want to check Bonanzle. HTH!
  3. I really doubt the outlet will have any of the originals. Your best bet is ebay. Bonanzle - bonanza-has a few as well
  4. I know what you mean about wanting a Carly! :tender: I was lucky to get mine at outlet and clearance sales. I totally love my Large Black Leather Carly with the shiny Silver hardware. :love: I could never give it up. :heart:

    Good luck finding yours! I hope you do! :tup:
  5. Thanks Ladies!

    I have seen a few on Ebay, I love the dark chocolate and the black leather hobo, but I'm skeptical of buying from ebay as I'm scared it won't be real!
  6. the brown all leather is my all time favorite. its such a rich brown. ebay is not bad. just research your seller.
  7. ebay is great, just check out your seller's rep, research
  8. For the original Carlys, *bay or Bonanzle are probably the best chance. Just post the bag in the Authenticate this Coach thread first, I Love Carly but she's been copied a lot, the experts on the ATC thread know what to look for. GL!
  9. i bought mine on ebay new with tags!

    try ebay, but be careful.
  10. Sold mine of ebay.
  11. there is a new MFF version of carly that I just saw last week.
  12. hmm.. I'm new, what does "mff" mean? and does this new Carly look like the old?