Question about Carly?

  1. I am pretty new to Coach. I love the Carly. I am wondering how new is this bag? Do you think it will be at the outlets soon? How long does Coach have a bag before they send it to the outlets? Thanks:smile:
  2. I believe Carly debuted last year. Slim Carly is brand new and just came out. As far as the outlets, the only Carly's I have seen there are the cotton ones from the summer and the suede ones in chambray. Carly is a GREAT bag!!!
  3. I am betting that Carly is one of the best-selling bags over the holidays. I think they might wait a bit before sending the most popular ones to outlet (leather and khaki sig) as long as they are still selling so well. They wouldn't have come out with the slim Carly unless they knew this bag was hot enough to sell in another version.

    But all bags that are not limited and do not sell out eventually go to outlet, as is demonstrated by the 2006 Legacy line. It took a little while, but they went to outlet. The question is then having your timing right to get one before they sell out at outlet, too!
  4. Yes, it has been around since last year I think and they are their #1 selling bag I believe. Great bag, you can't go wrong! :tup: Get it on PCE and it's not so bad!!!! :yes:
  5. Thanks. I am close to about 4 outlets and hope I can get a Carly when they go there if they do. I know all of you are much more experienced at this than I am. Thanks for the input.
  6. I think it will be some time before you see the Carly that are in the boutiques now go to outlet if ever. It is a very popular bag!