question about caring for my Bleecker duffle

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  1. #1 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    So I have a Bleecker medium duffle in british tan. It has several marks- not really scratches but scuff like marks that I know can be characteristic of the leather. How do I care for this? I checked the Coach site and there isn't a definitve answer... do I use mosturizer? Should I get some of this apple stuff u ladies use? Or since this is characteristic of the leather, let it be?

    Oh and I do have some of the coach mosturizer (which I know some of you do not like) but I have had that bottle for quite some time I think... does it go bad?

    ETA: this is what I found on the coach site after careful reading:
    The following leathers can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. To maintain suppleness and a clear complexion of the leather, use a wax based polish, mink oil or bees wax. If applying shoe cream, apply to leather using circular strokes:
    Waxy Leather
    Natural Grain
    High Polish Calf
    (*use small amounts of Meltonian Wax, if necessary)
    Burnished pull-up Calf
    Metallic Leather/Calf
    (*To add luster, lightly apply shoe cream with a soft cloth and gently brush leather surface. Excessive rubbing or polishing will damage metallic surface. Metallic leathers are volatile to scuffs and abrasion during wear.)
    Buffalo and Vachetta
    (*Any application of cream or polish will change leather color. These leathers are naturally tanned so the color may darken from daily wear and exposure)
    Printed Python
    Wool/Grosgrain Ribbon

    So is what I highlighted purple the kind of leather on the Bleecker duffle? And if so where do I find a wax based polish? Any recs?
  2. bumping...
  3. I just use Apple. I was amazed...I applied it to all of my Bleeckers and they are so beautiful! Also, I can rub scratches out with my fingertips. I have gotten caught out in the rain (with my Bleecker Duffles) and they dry as good as new (even after getting soaked through). I cannot praise the Apple products enough!:yes:
  4. cool thanks... I think I'm gonna look into ordering some apple (since so many coachies r raving about it and the fact that like all of my things are leather).

    Thanks again!
  5. #5 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    I ordered the Apple conditioner after learning about it here at tPF. It's great! My only leather bag *so far* is the Bleecker Medium Duffel and I conditioned her before carrying and it made the leather so supple and shimmery. (It's black.) The other day I noticed a couple of scuffs and when I got home I just buffed them right off with the polishing cloth. :tup:
  6. The Apple is the best. is having a sale and if you use the promo code "summer sale" you get 20% off all apple leather care products til Aug. 15th.....and they have some really nice bags too!
  7. Thanks for that!!! I needed to order some. :smile:


  8. I have the Bleeker leather duffle in rose and i use the moisturizer and it works AMAZING! and yes it does go bad. if it smells funky and has a yellow tinge to it.. throw it out cause it can actually harm the leather.
  9. thanks phyllis and coachie! good tips!