Question about Canvas

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  1. I really want a speedy damier when they eventually come out. They have been pulled from LV's page so who knows, but anyways....I have never owned an LV, but am I correct in thinking that only the handles and trim are leather? The actual bulk of the bag is Canvas right? If that is correct, why are they so expensive? Is Canvas really that costly to produce?

    Also what do you think the actual cost of making the bag is? Like the materials and labor? How much profit do you think they make of the bags?
  2. That's correct, on the monogram bags, the monogram parts are canvas.

    Most of the cost of the bag is likely riding on the brand name. But they are very durable bags, that are exquisitely produced. The cost of production certainly is going to be higher than say Coach, that outsources to China. I think of the LV workers less as "manufacturers" and more as "craftsmen".

    Their profit margin must be.. immense.
  3. Most definitely craftsmen, indeed.
  4. Yep ayla, I bet we would cry if we knew the markup:sad: But the canvas is made from the finest egyptian cotton, and it does wear beautifully. V
  5. Oooh that I didn't know ! You're a fountain of LV knowledge ! :amuse:
  6. So are you!:P V
  7. Thanks Ladies:biggrin:
  8. Now that someone mentions it, I sort of have a question about LV canvas too. I have never owned an LV piece (although I seem to have gotten good at spotting a fake one) either. I was wondering if the canvas, being coated, was on the stiff side. I was at Marshall Field's, and I felt a Dooney & Bourke "It" bag and it was so stiff. It was sort of gross. Those are also made out of some sort of coated canvas. LV canvas isn't stiff like that, is it? :huh:
  9. it's not that stiff at all. I just got a monogram speedy 30 about a month and a half ago, and it's breaking in quite nicely. the canvas is pretty soft and pliable and the handles are starting to get that yummy warm honey color.
  10. Ohhhhhhh now your really making me hope that LV is able to release the Damier Speedy soon:smile:
  11. So true Jewelbear! IMO the craftmanship is A+, I love to marvel at the stitching!
  12. Me too. Spare me from the markup percentages!:sad: You're right, it does wear beautifully!:biggrin: