Question about Canadian Travelers Check as Payment

  1. My potential buyer would like to pay me by a Canadian travelers check. I asked her if she could buy the US one and send it to me, but she said that she could not purchase the US one online.

    My question is when I cash the check at the bank, will I get charged for any exchange fees? I've never received a traveler check as payment before much less in another currency.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I have never heard of doing this as a form of payment on eBay! I would check with your bank and see what they say.
  3. I've never heard of it either. My understanding of traveller's cheques is that they have to be countersigned and then they are like cash. Who would send countersigned cheques in the mail? She can get a U.S. Money Order at any Canadian Post Office. Its not that much of a hassel and it is easier for you.
  4. She actually lives in Taiwan so I think it's funny that she wanted to send the check in Canadian dollars :confused1:. She said that she's having some problems with her Paypal account because she's disputing a few transactions related to a few fake bags she bought from eBay.

    I have a feeling that she probably is trying to save some money by using Canadian dollars to pay instead of US dollars. I don't know, it's weird.:shrugs: Maybe I should insist that she pay using US dollars instead.

    What a headache! :s