Question about Campana versus Veneta

  1. BV experts: To give some background, I am petite 5'2" and size 0 and have been looking at the veneta (smaller version $1260) and the campana (the size on the BV website $1690). I really want a classic purse that I can wear on my shoulder. The larger veneta and the ball look like they might overwhelm my stature. I've not seen any photos showing anyone wearing the veneta (smaller version); if anyone has one, please post it! Can either or both of these styles be worn on the shoulder? TIA!
  2. Hope someone will help you out :flowers:
    I heard that the small veneta is hard to wear on the shoulder but if you're tiny maybe you could.
    Lol sorry not much help here! :lol:
  3. Hi! I just purchased the small Veneta... I am 5'4" and size fits VERY easily on my issues! I saw the Campana on the BV website too. Does it have two handles? I could not tell... but the single handle on the Veneta makes it very easy to carry...that is why I like it and bought it.. so lightweight too! Let us know what you decide!
  4. Campana does have two handles- sorry but I have the large and I agree that it would overwhelm you at that size. I think Marly's is the smaller sized one- she could respond better.
  5. Someone told me that the small sized veneta was more of a crook of the arm bag. My friend couldn't really use it as a shoulder bag (and she's not big).

    If you want a shoulder model - I'd get the large classic Veneta. It's not huge looking, but fits over the shoulder easy.
  6. Great info...thank you
  7. If you want a shoulder bag, campana may be a better choice. The small veneta doesn't fit over the shoulders comfortably on my XS/0 size frame. You may barely be able to get it under the shoulders, but once you have things stuffed in it, it'll become uncomfortable below your pits.
  8. Thank you for all of the helpful replies!

    Belen, would love to see pics when you have a chance. Congrats on your purchase!
  9. Belen, just saw your photos on another thread. Beautiful purse and you wear it well!
  10. I'm 5' 5" and a size 2-4 and I think that the large Campana is too overwhelming for me, however, the small Campana is PERFECT. I like that it has double straps; one stays on while you pull the other down to get into the purse. The Veneta is a fantastic bag too, but it is a little harder to wear under the shoulder, IMO- a little tighter. Michelle says she doesn't have any problem with hers, so opinions do vary. Both bags do relax with age though.
  11. I find that with the Venetas...the more you wear them the easier they fit over the shoulder. At the beginning its a bit tight, but after a while its great. I am not a small girl by any standards, and I have no problems carrying the medium veneta over the shoulder. If you also like carryng the bag as a hand bag, I would say that the campana is the better choice as I think the double straps look better that way than the single strap on the veneta.
  12. I wanted to thank all of you for your helpful responses, which helped me come to the following action: since I'm in no rush to acquire a new handbag, my Saks sales associate is going to help me order a zip-around wallet and a medium veneta (both in ebano) at the next gift card event (whenever that may be).

    Again, thanks to all!
  13. ^^Excellent choice. Let us know when the day arrives!
  14. Hey Jil9, have you tried on the veneta in large? I'm exactly your size, and I have the large veneta in Ebano. I absolutely love it, don't think it's too big, and fits soooo much.