Question about Cambon Ligne

  1. Does anyone know if the Chanel cambon ligne large black tote with black on black patent sign still sells in stores or is it discontinued? I've seen prices posted at it being $1495...or did they raise it? I'm interested in buying the bag, it's such a beautiful bag!
  2. As far as I know the black on black is still available in the stores.
  3. What about the bowler bags?
  4. Black on black is still available and I think it's $1995 now. I'm not sure about the bowler. I've seen the tote in stores, but not the bowler.
  5. i have seen that tote all the time- but not at the price you stated it is $1995 now
  6. I could be wrong. I know when I bought my white on black tote it was $1495 and that was several years ago. Maybe I'm thinking of the cotton club totes.
  7. I've seen the black on black and the black on beige in stores. Price, don't know.
  8. Yes, both the black/black large tote and bowler are still in stores. Large tote is $1995. I had checked on the bowler before the price increase, I think it was $1596 or $1695, not sure about now.
  9. If you bought that bag several years ago that explains why you got it at that price. Chanel had 2 price increases last year and the price is now $1995- sorry:shrugs: