Question about Cabas Piano.....

  1. Has anyone heard that the new Cabas Pianos are coming with the patch pocket? I ordered one from Elux and it came with a patch pocket instead of a zipper pocket? TIA

    :heart: Laura
  2. Hmmmm...I don't know about that. May be 2006 production..
  3. I think they are comeing with a patch pocket.
  4. a patch pocket? kinda like the speedy pockets with no zipper on the interior?
  5. I just bought a cabas piano! :love: And mine has the patch pocket like the speedy does. I didn't know the "older" one's had/has a zipper pocket.
  6. Mine is a few years old and has a zipper pocket. I can't believe they are now just doing a patch pocket, how cheap of them.
  7. Yep! The ones I say selling on Japanese website are from 2004 and they all have zippers. But the ones I saw this year at the store don't.

    So no only the price increase, it also downgraded to no zipper. (That's while I was holding back on getting it...eventhough I really wanted one).
  8. do they still have a cell phone pocket?
  9. :mad: How are they going to take out a zipper, yet raise the prices? :rant: :censor:
  10. Exactly! That's pretty cheap of them.
  11. Yes there is still a cell phone pocket..:yes:
  12. :mad: Just another way for LV to reduce the cost in making the bag for more profit..
  13. I bought mine Feb 05 and I have a zippered.

  14. Bummer...that is one of the bags that is on my list :smile:
  15. I bought mine in late April of this year and it has a zipper....