Question about Cabas Bag

  1. I see in the reference section that some cabas bags have the CC stitched in the front and some don't. Which is which? If I want one with the CC's what do I ask for?
  2. I think the one with the CC stitching is the original Cabas, those without CC stitching and only come with CC Charm are Babay Cabas. Hope this help.
  3. yes, that explains it, thanks!
  4. wait, one more question...I also noticed that the price of the baby cabas was around $1000 last it is $1995??? It went up a grand in one year??
  5. Iceearl I saw yesterday at the Vienna b two cabas one big in black and the other baby in brown.
    They were both identical with the metal CC charm the diamond stitching in the lower part.Only the size and colours mentioned above were different???:confused1:
    Thet were both from this season 07A:yes:
  6. The price of the big one was at 1450 Euros that fits the $ 1995 price tag-didn't ask about the price of the smaller /baby though!
  7. ^I hope other pfers can help here, I think this season they launched a new baby cabas which has the braided leather chain instead of the classic chain, and this new baby cabas is slightly bigger than the old baby, but still smaller than the original cabas.... if I remember correctly, ldldb posted a pic on the new baby and mentioned about the slightly bigger size...
  8. oh thanks for the info and ref Iceearl now that you've mentioned about the chain I remember wondering about what is different on it .This bigger size was quite OK on me even a little big I'd say(I'm 5ft9") and I really liked it !the leather reminded me of smooth caviar but the SA insisted it wasn't:confused1:
  9. The leather is called distressed caviar, it has the toughness of the caviar but smooth in appearance.... it's a good functional bag. It will sotten down after a few weeks after use so it won't look as big ... good luck!!

  10. i think the baby and the original having the same price. the one's cheaper is the vinyl one which come is 2 size, the large one is 995, and the lrger one is 1225 if i'm not mistaken
  11. I saw the price of the bigger baby cabas on the Tag and it was at 1450 Euros:yes:.But the Sa referred to it as the big Cabas not bigger baby Cabas or something :confused1:
    I looked for the tag myself as they didn't mention it was a new release and as I said in a previous post I was almost positive that it was caviar while tha SA didn't think so lolI!
    I have been wondering how they keep the b still working:wtf:
  12. :yes:Thanks so much Ice Earl :heart:and yeah I was right at the leather! I just couldn't believe that SAs can be so clueless !!!:nogood:
  13. Seahorse
  14. Seahorseinstripes I forgot to add that since the two new cabas were identical -only colour and size difference- they should come in different prices I guess,I'll check on the price of the smaller version on my next visit and I'll let you guys know!:yes:
  15. the baby cabas was originally released for 1795 and it is now 1995. hate the price increase but it is worth every this bag!!