Question about buying over the phone at your LV boutique...

  1. do they ask for all CC details including the 3 digit security code at the back? is it safe?
  2. I don't remember if they ask for the code but I've ordered 2 bags from other states over the phone without any problem!
  3. Usually when it's a phone order they have to ask for the security code. I have retail stores, and if they don't have the card in hand to run this is required.

    Unfortunately, it all comes down to people, but you should be protected by your credit card company if someone unethical got ahold of your cc# if it was at a store, or from a stolen wallet.

    If you're calling LV you should be pretty safe.
  4. yes on the form they fax you to fill out it asks for your cc info and address to which the cc is billed to.
  5. thanks for all the replies everyone! I am kind of wondering about this as I ordered via phone at a lesportsac store and all they asked were the CC number, expiration date and the zip code of billing address, aside of course from the shipping info...

    btw, when you order via phone, do they give you a tracking number?
  6. I just ordered from a boutique and they did not ask me the three digit security code.
  7. I've never had any issues buying over the phone from LV. I think that this all depends on your comfort level. If you're not comfortable with giving your info over the phone, then it may be best for you to go into the store and order.
  8. i DIDN'T GET a tracking number but i got my book the next day....i don't think you get a tracking number though.
  9. they didnt ask me for the codeon the back, but did fax my a form to fill and sign. that is for their security, they have a signature on file.

    also why the bag/items need to be shipped to the address on the c/c
  10. They didn't ask me for the code either. I don't remember if I had to fill in the number on eLux though.
  11. i just ordered yesterday from another store and they did ask me for the security code but did not have me fill out the form and fax it back like a store in another country did. should i be worried?
  12. They don't give out tracking numbers but they can track the package for you (liability reasons is what my SA told me) and yes my boutique asks for my three digit code on the back!!
  13. thats all usual info. you verify it all so they know it is you and the info matches up to the owner of the c/c.
  14. i have never filled out any forms , only ever gave cc info and address by phone. you are fine.:yes:
  15. thank you for all the replies! :smile: i love shopping with you guys haha