question about buying LVs in europe

  1. hi there!

    i was wondering where in europe it's best to buy LVs? (in terms of price)

    is the price same in europe throughout countries? i might vacation next year and thinking of germany, prague, london, and maybe paris (if paris has the best price).

  2. Paris, France in general is the cheapest place for buying LV's. I'm German and the prices aren't that much higher than in France. England is more expensive, I think. You can check prices on, just go to the french or english site :yes:
  3. The big difference (I think) is what you get back from your VAT (value added tax) refund if you're not from the EU. That varies from country to country & will effect the overall cost of your purchase.
  4. thank you!
    i looked up the price in france and yes it is significantly cheaper! (i looked at the multi speedy)

    so how do you get VAT refund? do you claim it at the store when you purchase or at the airport?

    i'm getting excited even just thinking about it! hahaha.
  5. i was in the new Budapest store three weeks ago and the prices (taking into account the exchange rate to US dollars) was the same for the six bags I was interested in.

    Yes, you can get a VAT refund (they fill out the paperwork and you must take the paperwork and the item to the customs desk at the airport when you are leaving the EU (if you are leaving the EU country you bought it in, and are going to another EU country before flying home, do the customs thingy in the last EU country. For example, I was in Hungary, but I got my refund in England as I was departing the EU for the USA).

    Very Important--you often have to show them the item so do not pack it in your checked luggage since the customs desk is after you have checked your bags and gone through security.

    So the best thing to do is KNOW YOUR PRICES. I really impressed the SA working with me because I knew the styles and the prices (sometimes better than he did since the shop was so new!)

    So at the very least you will save your state sales tax, if not a little more. Also, sometimes you find stuff that just isn't available at your local boutique yet. I bought the inclusion key ring in framboise and when I went into my local LV all the SAs were drooling since they didn't have any in any color yet!

    I'm dying to get to Paris! I told my dh that for our 20th wedding anniversary I wanted to go to Paris, stay at the Ritz, and shop til I drop at LV. I warned him in plenty of time to start saving up!:lol:
  6. thank you for the clear explanation!

    i was actually in paris last year but wasn't all that into LV then. now i'm kicking myself for not getting anything while i was there! lol.

    hopefully next year it'll happen!!
  7. Paris has the best prices! They're a little cheaper than in Germany. Prague is actually quite expensive, and London even more. Definately check out Paris!
  8. Paris is the best place to purchase LV, Hermes, Goyard, Chanel... all the french brands!
  9. Oh yes, France (Paris) has the best prices! My DH just came back from Italy and they're a little more expensive there (about 20 - 50 euros) compared to Paris but still nonetheless cheaper than getting them back home. Regarding VAT claims, DH had option of refunding through his cc or through cash. He chose cash 'cos it's faster and apparently, our cc charges a little fee so that works out to less cash back..check with your cc on their policies if you want your refund via cc.
  10. see what i mean for kicking myself for not getting anything in paris when i was there last year?!? SUCKS!!

    anyone know how much the multi speedy is in germany? according to the LV site it's 1200 euro in france.

  11. I wouldn't buy any LVs in London, particularly with the $ to £ exchange rate
  12. I don't know for sure, but its probably not that much more...

    I just got a damier speedy 30 from berlin for 425 euros, and its 415 euros on the french LV site, so thats only 10 euros more...
  13. As to the VAT, it was much easier and faster for us to have it put back on the credit card. It took less than a week. Remember, you'll have to pay customs in the US if you bring back more than $800.00 per person (I think it's $800.00). But it was still less than a bag in the US. I think for $1000.00 over it was like $30.00.
  14. thank you ilikepenguins for the perspective of the price in germany.

    and thank you luxuryfan for the additional info. so you do get VAT refund but also have to pay for customs. got it.

    thanks everyone!