Question about buying Groom

  1. When do you think the Groom stuff will be out of stores? I wanted to wait til mid Dec to buy a groom agenda in Paris at the CE store but if the line will be gone by then I should just snap one up now in Manhattan. I bought a Groom bandeau in Paris in 2006 so it's been in stores for a long time for LE... does anyone have any real info? I'm just guessing that it would be gone soon!

  2. I think it'd be best to buy it now rather than wait and regret not buying a piece sooner... :sweatdrop:
  3. I know! I know! But I've never bought anywhere but CE before, from my one SA I love and it's lv in PARIS! So much more fun. (and a tiny bit cheaper!)

    Now that I say it (type it) outloud tho, it does sound silly, and I'd be really sad if I missed out on the agenda.

    Thanks for the reality check!!!!!!
  4. Buy the Agenda so that you don't miss out, and keep a journal of your whole trip to Paris in it. It'll still be special! :tup:
  5. Def grab it now while you can. Then take a picture of it in Paris and post it here :idea:
  6. Maybe this is a good excuse to buy something else in Paris?!

  7. I would get it now if you want one for sure.
  8. Buy it now. It's gone from many boutiques as is.
  9. I would probably buy it now. I've noticed they've already taken the whole groom line off of elux.
  10. I'm pretty sure Paris doesn't have much groom....
    with thousands of tourists buying stuff in bulk loads, I'd venture to say it's pretty much gone.
  11. I don't think it was HUGELY popular, that is why some pieces are still available. If you want one you should get it asap!