Question about buying from the Tokidoki website!

  1. I want to buy a scuola bag with that 25 percent off. However, I've never in my whole life bought a bag from the Tokidoki website! When you recieve your bag, is it wrapped up, is the Adios qee in its little plastic wrap? Is it in brand new condition?

    How many days is ground shipping? Do you usually go with ground shipping?

    :sad: Sorry paranoid about buying stuff of the internet. hate eBay!
  2. When you buy a bag from the website it's just like buying the bag from a lesportsac store, the bag is brand new, qee in its package, sometimes the bag is even still wrapped in plastic. It's safe, there's nothing to be nervous about.

    I usually choose ground shipping but it's super slow so depending on where you live it could take a week to get to you.

    Good luck w/your purchase. I hope you :heart: your bag!!
  3. There's a difference between the Tokidoki website and the Lesportsac website. You're talking about the Lesportsac website. The Tokidoki website sells toys, jewelry, t-shirts, skatedecks, etc... but not the Lesportsac bags.

    And there's nothing to worry about... you're buying directly from the Lesportsac company, not from some random small internet business.
  4. I also have a question about lesportsac return policy, I dont want to make a new thread I hope its okay to put it here. Is LSS website/store return policy store credit only? I heard it somewhere that it is but I dont know whether its true or not.

  5. yup what QueenLouis said.

    ive bought skatedecks off the webby. i live in so cal so they came in 1-2 days o.o
  6. I returned a trasporto dolce from and received a full refund minus shipping on my cc.
  7. Does the site accept debit cards?
  8. THanks yall!