Question about buying from Bluefly

  1. Do your handbags just come in a regular shipping box, or does it come exactly how it would if bought from a department store?
  2. All the things I have gotten comes wrapped in a plastic bag, then wrapped in bluefly tissue paper and placed in a regular box. They include a Bluefly Gift bag also.
  3. My first Bluefly purchase should be at my doorstop sometime today. I am so excited, but I can let you know what mine comes in as well. It is coming DHL so I am assuming it will be in a DHL box...but who knows!
  4. Mine comes in a shipping box and inside the shipping box there is a bluefly box in a bluefly shopping bag. Inside that box is the handbag wrapped in tissue paper and usually inside a clear plastic wrapping inside the tissue. The bag still has its hardware covers (if the manufacturer sends it with them) and has the dustbag included inside. I like getting packages from Bluefy because it is like unwrapping a gift!