Question about buying from another country

  1. Hi, just wanted to pick your collective brains. I live in the UK and would like to know whether those of you also in the UK who have bought from other countries not in the EU have had to pay duty eg if you buy from US do you end up being stung by the Inland Revenue?Thanks!
  2. i've sold bags on eBay to people in UK, but i never heard they have to pay custom :p
    i put the value 100$ only.
  3. ^^ I agree - I think if the seller puts it down as a gift with a v low amount then you should be ok. However I believe they can open a package and you therefore may be charged duties. If however the correct value is on there then you will be charged I think!
  4. Hi, I'm in the UK and have fairly regularly bought from abroad, mostly the US/Canada, but not always and often not bags! Anyway, my experience is very hit and miss. Sometimes even one shipment that contains more than once package will be partly stung for duties. I have noticed though that some shipping companies/sources are much more likely to generate duty/taxes than others e.g. FEDEX and DHL/Barneys/NM etc almost always lead to more ££ whereas other services/private or smaller suppliers escape. I do always factor in the possibility before deciding to buy internationally.
  5. Hi there,
    I used to live in UK until about 8 months ago (ah I miss it...) and now live again in Germany.
    I have bought many times but only every from eBay - I had to pay customs in UK so far twice - but only because other sellers did not state the actual value of the item.
    You could ask before you buy - although if you buy from shops they will not understate the value. As for eBay, I always ask because you have to consider it in your purchase.