Question about buying Chanel in Europe

  1. Hi everyone!

    My FI and I will be going to Paris for our honeymoon later this year (our first time in Paris!), and I was thinking that it would be really lovely to purchase my first Chanel there. Now...the actual question is, is it worth is, given how weak the dollar is? Or, should I just toss caution aside and just do it for the experience since it's a "first" of sorts?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. yes it surely is! A Fellow fer has posted on it recently ;here is the title of the thread :"Chanel cheaper in Paris!"take a look at post # 8 in particular
    and btw happy honeymoon!:flowers:
  3. I'll give you the same example I gave to others who asked of this yesterday.

    I paid €1590 for my reissue (225 size) when I was there two weeks ago, which means roughly $2380. The same bag is marked at $2425, so it is still a bit cheaper to buy in Paris, even with the current exchange rate. Since US price doesn't include sales tax, if purchased in, say NY (since I'm a NYer and don't know DC sales tax) price hikes up more, around $2630.

    But you can save even substantially more, as you can get 12% of tax (which was already included in the price tag in Europe) refunded when you leave Paris. Again, using my bag as example, my tax refund was €190. So in the end, my purse was €1400, or $2100 in US dollars. I saved over $500.

    The amount of saving would vary depending on which bag you'll get. But in most cases, you'll come out saving quite nice number of dollars with the tax refund, especially if you are planning to get something like a classic bag. And of course, it would be just fabulous to get your first Chanel not just in Paris, but on honeymoon in Paris!

    Congratulations on your wedding.:smile:
  4. Thanks for the response....sorry for the repeated question, especially with not having the "search" function to look up previous posts.
  5. No problem. I forgot to add I almost spit out my coffee when I saw your avatar! :roflmfao:
  6. First, congrats on your upcoming wedding!:woohoo:
    Second, you should get one in Paris, at nor matter what price. It's so special to get a Chanel from Paris on your honeymoon. Any how, the price should be much lower as the detax.

    I wish I got a Chanel from Paris (also during honeymoon), but I wasn't educated enough back then. However, I got a LV instead - oh well, they are from France too, right?!:lol: OK, maybe I should start planning an anniversary trip to Paris right now! :roflmfao:
  7. CONGRATS! Oh yar me got one in Paris too!

    Your avatar is so cute!!!!!
  8. how do you go about getting a tax refund???

    I'm planning on getting Chanel when I visit Paris during my RnR from will be a couple years but I'm already planning my trip to Hermes and Chanel :amuse:
  9. ^candace - when u purchase the bag in the boutique, i think they will fill up the necessary forms for u. and then when u reach the airport, there's usually a tax refund counter - look out for it.

    i think also, as a precaution, u shd pack ur purchases separately and with easy access, as they tend to check them when approving the refund forms.

    hope this helps!
  10. chanel is a lot cheaper in Paris.. esp with the 13% tax rebate. it's just amazing how vast the price difference is in the original hometown of Chanel! woohooo!
  11. def wait 'til paris! :love: ~ honeymooning in paris is wonderful ~ but then picking up a chanel in person as well is just fabulous! ~ you must go to rue cambon & ask for "Thierry" ~ he is so lovely to deal with on the telephone ~ i want to know if he is lovely to look at as well!! :lol: ~ but of course you won't notice as you'll only have eyes for your new dh! :heart: ~ congratulations & have a wonderful trip vx
  12. Awww...thanks everyone for the well-wishes and positive comments on my avatar!

    I'm already saving, and can't wait to go! figure out what will be my first...:graucho: