Question about buying and selling a bag on ebay

  1. I have never sold or bought anything on eBay but thinking about buying vintage bags and selling them on eBay to make some extra money while handling objects that I like (obsessed with) I think it may be a good way of getting the buying bug out of my system without actually spending money, maybe making some extra money and providing a service or way for people to find things they wouldn't normally find in their part of the country. ANYWAY does anyone have any advice on this. I don't qualify for the marketplace so I hope this is the right place to post this question. Also I have the opportunity to buy a Cole Haan Fo4 bag which I am planning on selling in eBay. I see that there is one right now with about 10 bidders and it is up around 50 dollars but it is being sold by Goodwill. Is it possible that there is a market for this bag or do you think it is being pursued so aggressively because it is benefitting goodwill at 100 percent profit, thanks for your info