Question about buying a purse through Ebay in the UK

  1. I'm interested in bidding on a purse in eBay and the seller is in the UK - auction says they will ship to the US using royal mail. I'm in California and have never done an international eBay purchase - any feedback on this type of purchase? I'm worried about the chances of the package being lost and the length of time it could take to receive. Will I need to pay extra fees for paypal or customs?

    Thanks for any feedback.
  2. I regularly buy items from the USA to the UK. I've never lost a package and I must have received about well 40 lol. I did buy a bag from there once too, I had to pay custom charges, and it arrived within two weeks. Usually people I send out to in the US receive theirs within two weeks too, but it can take longer if it gets stuck in customs :smile:
  3. Be prepared that there's a good chance you could get a customs bill unless the seller will mark the customs form as a gift
  4. Royal Mail INternational signed for will be what UK person is talking about sending your package. It is only covered in the UK for something like £32 compesation should the package get lost. To cover themselves sellers need to take extra insurance which is where your declaration needs to come in because you can't ask for extra insurance for say £400 and mark £20 on the customs forms.

    It takes around 2 weeks to get to the US and on the Royal Mail site it stops tracking as soon as it arrives in the US but you can continue to track using USPS service.

    I guess packages can be lost regardless of where they are going ie internally in the US etc so you just need to make sure both of you are covered which is where the insurance comes in and is also where sellers will not lie on declaration forms.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks for the info - do you know if Paypal will charge me extra fees for making a payment to a UK seller?
  6. Hi, There should be no extra fees from Paypal for sending money overseas.

    International Signed For parcels are only tracked until they leave the UK. Once they have left our shores and are on the way to you they cannot be tracked.

    I would request that the seller sends the parcel by Airsure which takes from 4 days. If you know the weight of the item you can check the price on the Royal Mail Website - heres the link to the correct bit -;jsessionid=CHCVBDHW21HOYFB2IGGEOSQ;jsessionid=CHCVBDHW21HOYFB2IGGEOSQ?catId=23500532&gear=pricingcalc

    It should not be a problem with the seller as you will be paying for it and it means that they get a confirmation of the delivery too. For more money you could get Global Priority but its normally about £30.

    This is the only way I send my items overseas.

    Hope I've helped.
  7. like secret_shopaholic said, parcels CAN be tracked after they get to the us via the usps site, i've tracked packages myself but it can be a little unreliable at times, i've always found sending by royal mail international signed for with enhanced compensation takes around 5-7 days and i've never had any problems.
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. Also try and find out what your customs allowance is. I think it's a lot more than USA to UK, which is only £18 for merchandise and £36 for gifts. You could also ask the seller to use EMS ( to send your parcel, it's very expensive but usually only takes 2-3 days to get to you and you can track it all the way.
  10. Yes I must admit that the only problem I have had with International Signed For is when I've sent something to China. I sent something back to a seller there by International Signed For and she said she didn't get it, because it is only tracked until it leaves the UK, Paypal said that I could not confirm that it had been delivered and therefore didn't refund my money. I did eventually claim this back on my Credit Card but because of the problem, I try not to use International Signed For just in case.